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Highmark’s clinical team and their concussion management and treatment protocols have better facilitated the diagnosis of concussion and successfully treated thousands of patients who have suffered from this injury. In addition to concussion management, our sports medicine services offer a blend of traditional sports medicine and regenerative medicine.


Our Services

HighMark Health offers an array of services that provide a detailed and holistic approach to the diagnosis, management and treatment of concussion and post concussion syndrome. The clinical capabilities of Highmark’s medical team have lead to the pioneering development of Collision Medicine. Collision Medicine integrates the unique medical management of Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Highmark’s distinctive capability in the practice of Collision Medicine now brings an unmatched skill in the diagnoses, intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and dysfunction that occur as a result of the acceleration and deceleration of the human body.

Sports Medicine

Concussion Management

Baseline Testing

Visual Rehabilitation


Cognitive Therapy


What People Are Saying About HighMark Health

on March 8, 2015 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.
“…In particular, it is important to understand your “brain health” before you are injured…I trust and highly recommend Highmark for anyone who needs a baseline performed.”
Carlo Colaiacovo, NHL
…Their (HighMark) attentiveness and professionalism has been world class. At Highmark, the comprehensive data that forms your baseline provides a 360 degree view of your brain’s performance. This then becomes the benchmark used to diagnose, and also to treat your injury..
James van Riemsdyk, NHL
I am honoured and excited to work with Highmark Health… look(ing) forward to contributing and developing concussion research in Canada.
Greg Wojit, Two-time CFL All-Star and Grey Cup champion.