HighMark Health is the evolution of sports and physical medicine. It has brought together a world-class team with a singular focus: to return our injured patients to pre-injury performance. To that end, the organization has identified leaders in medicine, physiology, and exercise science to pioneer the field of Collision Medicine.

Collision Medicine, is underpinned by the unleashing of damaging forces that result from rapid acceleration-deacceleration. These disruptive forces generate significant stress and injury to the human body; from the musculoskeletal, and neurologic systems, to the hormonal and mental health axis. As our understanding of the consequences of these disruptive energies increases, so does our ability to identify and better understand conditions such as concussion (minor Traumatic Brain Injury: mTBI).

HighMark brings an unparalleled approach to concussion patients utilizing a powerful mix of technology, medicine, rehabilitative science. Collision Medicine at Highmark approaches every diagnosis with a synergistic set of different clinical perspectives and then utilizes multidisciplinary teams in targeted interventions that optimize patient outcome.

HighMark’s culture is steeped heavily in the use of medical technology to both improve diagnostics, deliver more effective therapy, and to empower patients to harness their own innate ability to heal. Our clinicians are consistently seeking new technologies to enhance the recovery process. In addition, clinicians at Highmark are often contributors to new medical technology evolution and are constantly searching for new and better ways to facilitate their ability to assist the patient in healing

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