Highmark’s entire team is focused on the well-being and satisfaction of our patients.  We are humbled to say that others have noticed. We greatly appreciate the comments regarding the quality of services provided at Highmark. We promise to strive to continuously maintain and improve our standards of care.

Disclaimer: The reviews and testimonials on this page do not refer to or include physiotherapists.

“It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Highmark. Their attentiveness and professionalism has been world class. In working with them I am increasingly aware of how important baseline testing is in any athlete at risk of concussion. At Highmark, the comprehensive data that forms your baseline provides a 360 degree view of your brain’s performance. This then becomes the benchmark used to diagnose, and also to treat your injury. I would recommend Highmark for anyone who needs a baseline.”

James van Riemsdyk
on March 8, 2015 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.
“Working with the medical team at Highmark has allowed me to realize the importance of baseline testing not just for professional athletes like myself, but for anyone involved in sports. In particular, it is important to understand your “brain health” before you are injured. At Highmark their testing captures a significant amount of data that forms the basis of your comprehensive blueprint of healthy brain function. This blueprint is effectively comparing “Johnny to Johnny” as the benchmark for measurable success in treatment in case of injury, and quantifies the extent of injury. I trust and highly recommend Highmark for anyone who needs a baseline performed.”
Carlo Colaiacovo
“After suffering a traumatic head injury as an OHL goaltender, I was informed I needed absolute rest and be symptom free before being allowed back on the ice. During this time, I sought the advice of numerous health care professionals including medical physicians and specialists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors. I was put through a number of rehabilitation exercises and prescribed continued bed rest. After all that, there was very little change in my condition. Luckily, I was eventually referred over to HighMark Concussion Centers in Etobicoke. When I completed my baseline assessment and rehabilitation with HighMark, my test results showed massive improvement, even at a higher level prior to injury. I passed the team medical and I was able to resume my career and perform at a higher level quicker than I expected. Thanks HighMark!”
“After an exhausting amount of time meeting and speaking to numerous physicians and chiropractors without any tangible results and answers, I was finally referred to a concussion based treatment facility called HighMark Concussion Centers. Their medical team have been unparalleled in helping me regain my sense of wellbeing and peace of mind. The medical doctor is a true expert, and his depth of knowledge and understanding in the field of concussion treatment is unmatched. The consistent care they provided, and cutting edge technology they utilized was essential to getting me back to my level prior to my head injury.”
Matt B.
I am honoured and excited to work with Highmark Health… look(ing) forward to contributing and developing concussion research in Canada.
Greg Wojt, Two-time CFL All-Star and Grey Cup champion.