Sports Medicine in the Highmark culture focuses on all patients who live active lifestyles, as well as patients who are attempting to continue to live active lifestyles. Sports Medicine is NOT just for athletes.

Highmark patients represent a spectrum of capability in activity: professional athletes; collegiate elite athletes; amateur or lifestyle athletes; as well as non-athletes who want to be more active than their injury or disease process is currently allowing them to be.

Central to the practice of Sports Medicine at Highmark is the principle belief that a physically active life is critical to quality of life and longevity. It is our established goal to find a means for engaging in this type of life for all our patients.  Sports Medicine at Highmark utilizes a variety of traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing. Our clinicians carefully evaluate all therapies and consider the scientific plausibility as well as the risk/benefit, and present the patient with options and recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation.

Our Sports Medicine team has decades of experience in offering a variety of interventions, advice and direction including all evidence based practices employing regenerative medicine.