At Highmark, the collective expertise of the founders and clinical team has resulted in the creation of a new medical specialty focus: Collision Medicine.

Collision Medicine utilizes the science and subspecialty practices of Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Emergency Medicine to provide patients with the combination of approaches and perspectives to care, where the result is greater than the sum of the parts. There are unique elements in each of these subspecialties, and this leads to different perspectives on patient care.

Highmark’s distinctive capability in the practice of Collision Medicine brings an unmatched skill in the diagnoses, intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and dysfunction that occur as a result of the acceleration and deceleration of the human body.  This can occur in a myriad of situations from: a sports field or arena, an icy sidewalk, a motor vehicle collision to a stepladder at home.

Highmark’s differentiation in being pioneers of Collision Medicine will create better patient experiences and better outcomes.